The Pool of Mnemosyne

The Pool of Mnemosyne by Brian Stableford, published by Hollywood Comics 2018, review by Sally Startup

This is a most satisfying conclusion to the series of books which began with The Wayward Muse. The previous stories are elaborated on, and the various threads within them are drawn together into a greater construction.

Axel Rathenius has lived for a very long time. His knowledge and his art are built on a great many memories. On the island of Dionysus, he has learned much that is new to him. He now enjoys a pleasant relationship with Mariette. However, he is dissatisfied with his painting, and his subject, Elise is not happy with her music. It is not long before they are both recalled to Mnemosyne. Axel has received a very worrying message from Hecate Rain.

On Mnemosyne, characters reappear from the earlier books in the series. A surprise connection is revealed between the Dellacrusca twins and Eirene Magdalena, the morpheomorphist. Axel begins to acknowledge his true responsibilities. He continues to work on a painting inspired by Hecate’s poem about fallen petals in the pool of Mnemosyne, to which he has decided to add a portrayal of  the goddess Ananke. Meanwhile, as hierophant of the cult of Dionysus, he expects to stand against the Marquise de Mesmay, who has taken on the leadership of the cult of Orpheus.

Such things as steamships, seismographs and telegraph apparatuses are now becoming increasingly common across the Empire. The leader of the cult of Dionysus, usually known as Madame, is well aware that all such instruments may have both magical and scientific uses. Yet it falls to Axel Rathenius to attempt to protect the people of Mnemosyne when danger threatens. His art, sorcery and wisdom eventually conspire to create an ending which is both truthful and inspirational.



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I am a greenish person with thoughtful tendencies. I write fiction that sometimes has green or herbal themes.
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